Monday, January 18, 2010

Cutest baby ever walks

He did it! 11 months and on the go. We love him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

another one

please welcome.....

brian lincoln graves

born: february 15th, 10:30 am

delta, colorado

6 lb. 5 oz.

i can't believe we have five now
baby and mom are home and doing epidural this time...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

fun on the run

so we went to elitch's amusement park on saturday, and the day started out cold. but we stuck it out and everyone (especially the boys) had a good time. adam liked the ball guns so he

could shoot complete strangers. sam liked the little roller coaster, especially the turns. and joey liked the train that went smoothly in a circle. what fun! mom and dad rode the mind eraser, and now my voice hurts. it also wasn't too cool to get off and have a bunch of scott's middle school students watching our pictures. those little stinkers.

adam also had his denver public schools shakespeare festival this week at the denver center for the performing arts. here he is as a fairy in a midsummer night's dream. he skipped very well. he was also a good sport as a clod of dirt in macbeth. i swear he looked like he would passout after being under that sheet for eight minutes in the full sun. it was pretty funny to watch.

this is erik helping...he is good company to have around the house.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

water and dinosaurs

adam and scott went with their cub scout pack to dinosaur ridge for scout day...they learned a lot about rocks and dinosaurs...and putting sun screen on one's neck. they had a good time and i was very jealous...i wanted to go too.

dinosaur footprints... adam climbing the dinosaur footprints...

chrissy, spencer, mckay, joey, erik and i went to a fountain was supposed to be hot, but the sun never came out. we (and especially joey) still had a good time.

next week...field day, grandma ridge's visit, shakespeare festival, band day at eliche's

Sunday, April 27, 2008

future scientists

these past two weeks were the archuleta and denver northeast science fairs. sam's kindergarten class and adam entered projects. and both won grandprize(1st) at archuleta's fair. there was one winner per grade. so both got to go to the regional (denver northeast) fair. there adam took 1st place! sam's class received 3rd place! we were very proud of all the hard work these two boys put into their projects. adam learned about lift and gravity and paper airplanes. sam learned about growing crystals. both knew their stuff. we may never have any sports trophys, but we've got one with a beaker and an atom. we rock!

please see sam's picture next week since i didn't have his board for him to pose in front of.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ode to forms of transportation

this week the graves did many things. it was our spring break.

we started the week picking up our new van. it is very nice, drives well, the stereo works and has no duck-tape(yet). we were very excited.

next adam participated in his pinewood derby. we headed to the church and hoped the glue would dry quickly. adam and scott had a good time making their car and they did a good job. adam's a-wing (modeled after the star wars edition) didn't lose any races...until it started to fall apart. he was in first place until the final tournament--things went downhill (ha, ha) from there. but he had a great time. only 11 more derby cars for scott to go!

we also went to the park and took the boys' bikes. adam kinda knows how to ride a bike, but we decided to make sure. the other boys took advantage of the sun and climbed to their hearts' content.

and finally we took a little trip to southwest colorado to a small town called hotchkiss. we played and talked and ate and slept and tried to sleep. there were trains everywhere! the area is beautiful, the people friendly and we had a good time but were very glad to come home.

and now it's back to school...see you next sunday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

easter piano recital

sam had his first piano recital on saturday. adam participated, too. both played primary songs and both did a great job. i can't believe they can play the piano! thank you aunt chrissy for being a fun teacher. enjoy their performances below.

now we (Scott and the boys) have spring break. i wish the weather was warmer so we could spend more of it outside. we're going to the park tomorrow so adam can finally learn to ride a bike...and he's going to do it! maybe we'll take our kite too. oh--and the pinewood derby is tomorrow night. i hope adam is pleased with his car. he and scott have spent a lot of time together making it look like an a-wing from star wars. the pilot is a lego man. i hope he drives fast tomorrow.