Monday, March 24, 2008

easter piano recital

sam had his first piano recital on saturday. adam participated, too. both played primary songs and both did a great job. i can't believe they can play the piano! thank you aunt chrissy for being a fun teacher. enjoy their performances below.

now we (Scott and the boys) have spring break. i wish the weather was warmer so we could spend more of it outside. we're going to the park tomorrow so adam can finally learn to ride a bike...and he's going to do it! maybe we'll take our kite too. oh--and the pinewood derby is tomorrow night. i hope adam is pleased with his car. he and scott have spent a lot of time together making it look like an a-wing from star wars. the pilot is a lego man. i hope he drives fast tomorrow.

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Mark and Jenny said...

Great Job Adam! On playing the piano and at the pinewood derby. I hear your little lego man did drive very fast!